Carolina Toma

Carolina Toma is a jewelry artist pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry. Having painted since a young age, it was a technical course in High School that changed her way of developing projects and pieces. Creating sculptural pieces that explore the body and experimenting with alternative materials, she develops concepts related to sustainability and personal experiences.


Última Esperança

Date of Creation: March 25, 2023

List of Materials: Sterling silver, fine silver, titanium wire

Dimensions: L: 28.5"/ W: 1"

Photographer's Name: Abbi Marie

Conceptual Statement: Ater Mares represents my creative perspective on how oil spills impact oceans and marine life. The first drop fell, with underwater life interacting with it without knowing what it is. More trickles down until it covers the surface, preventing sunlight from entering. Oxygen is extinguished, killing life while the oil spreads everywhere.

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