Cassie Pavlovich

Cassie Pavlovich is a jeweler and metalsmith in Boston, Massachusetts working mainly in metal, she draws from fantastical elements to create whimsical adornment. Her love of travel influences her practice, and her construction is influenced by observations of how people shape the world around them through art. Cassie has studied abroad at the Glasgow School of Art and won the IPMI Chairman’s Award. Her work has been displayed in exhibitions including Transforming the Prototype in Baltimore. Currently, she is experimenting with adding new techniques such as stone carving with elements of casting and fabrication methods.


Creeping Nightmare

Date of Creation: December 15, 2022

List of Materials: Bronze and Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 1in x 16in x 14in

Photographer's Name: Cassie Pavlovich

Model's Name: Julia Giangrande

Conceptual Statement: Creeping Nightmare was designed to interact with the wearer in a uniquely different way than other jewelry. Designed so the spider rests on the middle of the back along the spine the wearer feels the spindly feet digging in. With the creeping feeling of dread, it evokes the illusion that the spider is slowly crawling up the back moving closer towards the web resting on your shoulders. The piece was designed to symbolize the emotions of a nightmare. I wanted to truly give the wearing a feeling of trepidation. With the spider hanging down the back of the wearing, they are unable to see what is happening it truly lets the imagination take over and creates the illusion of the spider moving. While the web resting on the shoulders not only helps in creating a narrative but represents the weight of what is coming.

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