Catherine Zibo

Catherine Zibo is an independent Canadian artist, a graduate of École de Joaillerie de Montréal (2019-2022) and a CPAA certified specialist. Prior to becoming a jeweller, she studied the history of arts at university for two years, and ran her own small company specialized in vintage and contemporary collectibles’ expertise. Catherine discovered contemporary jewelry in 2018, shortly after moving to Montreal; her first teacher was the renowned enamellist Aurélie Guillaume. At the jewelry school she developed special interest towards expressive metal surface finishes, stone setting and wax carving. Catherine’s artistic practice also includes drawing, photography and textile crafts. She is passionate about visual arts, libraries, archaeology and Western Germanic languages.


Triple Horned Ring

Date of Creation: April 24, 2021

List of Materials: Sterling silver

Photographer's Name: Catherine Zibo

Conceptual Statement: Passionate about archaeology and discoveries of ancient treasures since childhood, I create “historic” jewels regularly. They are in no way a recreation of existing museum pieces; they rather reflect a romantic vision of the era when jewelry was so much more than a fashion accessory or a mere status symbol. For the photo shootings of pieces from this collection, like this Three Horn Ring one-of-a-kind sterling silver ring, I try to find old European sceneries with antique sculptures and installations covered in moss and vegetation. They feel just right to inspire thoughts of treasures lost and found and forgotten again to later be rediscovered by future generations.


Medieval Band

Date of Creation: 08/08/2020

List of Materials: Sterling silver

Photographer's Name: Catherine Zibo

Conceptual Statement: The Medieval Bands are unisex stackable silver rings, roughly hammered, textured with my own handcrafted steel stamps, oxidized and lightly polished. Medieval era-inspired pieces called for a medieval backdrop, so here I brought them to the small French city of Auxerre which preserves a lot of precious Middle Ages patrimony. I hung tiny everyday-wear pieces on a rusty hook that was sticking out of an ancient stone wall for no apparent reason. This photo is all about the relationship between history-becoming-an-attraction and the contemporary objects that are made to keep its ancient spirit alive in its own right. As an artist who grew up in Western European culture, I strive to forge these links between the past and the present and give a tangible, amulet-like form to meaningful connections with this specific cultural and esthetic heritage.


Stitch And Forge Ring

Date of Creation: 25/01/2021

List of Materials: Sterling silver

Photographer's Name: Catherine Zibo

Conceptual Statement: Celebrating and nurturing the sense of belonging to one’s cultural roots is an important source of inspiration and inner balance. I developed this Hammered and Stitched texture design as part of my ongoing search for both historically inspired and contemporary casual forms of “time travel” for those connected to millennia-long Western European culture. Few phenomena evoke a similar kind of feeling than wine, so the repurposed barrels and weathered wood felt like a good match for the geometrically laconic but freely textured essence of this ring. And finally, I like the powerful contrast of daylight-warm organic material and lunar-silver sheen of a metallic surface.

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