Christopher Liu

Christopher Liu is pursuing his Studio Art BFA at Texas Tech University in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Texas Tech University under nationally accredited artists Professors Robly Glover and Nancy Slagle. He studied under award-winning metalsmith John Garrott at Allen High School where he developed designs such as Midnight, the first place recipient at the Saul Bell Design Awards in the Emerging Artist 18 and Under Category. He would place first the following year in the Emerging Artist Category, 22 and Under with Zephyr. His work has been in exhibitions such as the Bristol Art Museum’s Miniature Monumental and the Craft Council of British Columbia Earring Show. He is also the recipient of the 2020 MJSA Education Foundation Scholarship, the 2020 Clare Hart DeGoyler Memorial Fund Award presented by the Dallas Museum of Art, and the 2022 SNAG Educational Endowment Grant. Christopher plans to pursue an MFA in jewelry design and metalsmithing while growing his jewelry business.



Date of Creation: April 27, 2023

List of Materials: Brass, LEDs, and polyethylene

Dimensions: 36x14x11"

Photographer's Name: Kevin Abankwa | Robly Glover

Model's Name: Elizabeth McMains

Conceptual Statement: In this depiction of Perihelion, I focused on the escapist attribute of the illuminated piece. The term perihelion is an astronomical term that refers to a planetary body’s proximity to the Sun. Aphelion refers to the furthest point in the orbit, and perihelion the closest. In this image, we see a transition into perihelion, where two bodies of light begin to interact. Just a moment before, she patiently waits in a prison of darkness, illuminated only by the light that surrounds her. She is then drawn to this unseen gravity and vice versa. This ray reaches out and a path is carved out of the dark, merging with her emanation of light. This light is warm. It is familiar. In a vacuum, it radiates out into nothing, imparting no force, yet here in this moment we witness contact.



Date of Creation: 11/04/2023

List of Materials: Brass and lemon quartz

Dimensions: 3x3x4"

Photographer's Name: Robly Glover | Christopher Liu

Model's Name: Ana-Victoria Castilla

Conceptual Statement: This ring is a satirical take on the flamboyant attribute of stone set rings and influencer culture. The wearer’s intimacy and understanding of the bulk of the ring, is shielded away from view. They instead see a distorted and inflated image of themselves while the viewer is subjected to the array of stones that flash across the mirrored surface - dazzling the entrapped and discomforted wearer. In this photoshoot, I really wanted to get a visible separation between the viewer and wearer by using the mirrored divider. In this image, her attitude and gorgeous imagery is totally overshadowed by the extravagance hanging over her most far reaching extremity. She’s totally out of touch with the sprawling face of the ring and we don’t get the full picture of her. We live in shadows of reflections, delusions, and distractions and I felt this image perfectly encapsulates this sentiment.

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