Connecting Series: Brooch 1

Chelsea Rowe

Artist Statement: My work engages human nature’s desire to connect. Through making, I explore how objects act as intermediaries between people. This series reflects on the delicate balance and navigation that happens when we intertwine our lives with others.

I lean into the foam bosom and am reminded of support from my family. I feel the soft textures and smell the fading residues of loved ones. My family and identity are embodied in this work that invites the audience to rest for a moment.

Inspired by relationships between objects, things, and people, I painted a series of watercolor drawings, exploring these ties. The painted shapes suggest function, yet flow ambiguously instead of linking mechanically. After translating these into metal, , the ink drawings are manifested into jewelry and sculpture. The blur between 2 and 3 dimensionality, meandering between functional and seemingly functionless objects, supports the interconnectivity I explore.

Materials: Reclaimed wood, ink, recycled sterling silver, copper, steel

Dimensions: 6 x 4 x .25

Educational Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

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