Dark Spring

Vivi Lamarre

Vivi Lamarre, Dark Spring

Artist Statement: Winding Ways is an ongoing project exploring the theme of atypical journeys; those laced with knots and detours, and guided by instinct. As I pursued a non-linear academic and creative path, I was struck by the culture of the straight road and the negative connotations attributed to alternative, sometimes more sinuous paths. I attempt to represent my journey in the wood, sometimes through gentle and calm curves, sometimes through complex and chaotic interlacing. These paths carved into the material are like our personal journeys; punctuated by junctions and backtracks. The layout is tortuous, yet the composition forms a harmonious and visually appealing whole. The wood engraving requires welcoming the spontaneity of the line and accepting the deviations sometimes caused by the wood fiber. I consider this creative process as a way to reappropriate our experiences and to value the path we have taken.

Materials: Maple and walnut wood

Dimensions: 11cm x 110cm x 2cm

Educational Institution: Ecole de joaillerie de Montréal (Le Labo with Noel Guyomarc’h)


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