David Barnhill

David Barnhill, Malone WI, b. 1976 began studying metalsmithing in 1998. Much of his work revolves around textures and forms found in nature and the remembrance of nature through childhood imagination. David spent much of the 80’s living at the edge of the jungle in the Philippines. Without a television David was forced to entertain himself by exploring what the jungle had to offer by collecting various natural specimens for study. Some of these objects were insects, seeds, shells, and stones. Some were collected for their patterns, colors, size, and all were collected for their inherent beauty. David’s art now represents the memories of those past discoveries.


Reliquary of the Past

Date of Creation: March 3, 2023

List of Materials: Fine Silver 999

Dimensions: 6.75 inches x 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches

Photographer's Name: David A Barnhill

Conceptual Statement: This vessel holds remnants from the past. The design on the vessel semi-mirrors forms of some seeds as they appear when they are dormant. The vessel itself is holding pinecones that have dried out and dropped their seeds. The vessel is set upon a mirror which shows the reflection of the trees from which the seeds and pinecones originated. The reflection also creates a new form from the mirror image interaction of the vessel - thus creating a new seed shape. What exists in the reflection is not tangible and exists much the same as memories from when we were children. Within the image there is reality present, reality past, reflection and transformation.

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