Dianne Karg Baron

Dianne Karg Baron is an award winning artist who has spent more than 25 years re-envisioning traditional forms of wire working, bending, linking, twisting, weaving, hammering, fusing, crocheting and knitting her way through many kilograms of metal. She creates collectable one of a kind and limited edition art jewelry with precious and non-precious metal, semi-precious stones & an eye for detail. Her goal is for her jewelry to spark soul-deep joy that ignites your inner radiance.

“Trichinopoly chain making, also known as viking knit, has been a favourite form of metal working that I keep coming back to. It’s tactile, textured, yet strong and flexible. Although I love the sleek look of the classical forms, I want to adapt it to integrate modern materials and find ways to incorporate unusual patterns and colors.”


Viking Knit Half Persian Spiral Bracelet

Date of Creation: November 11, 2020

List of Materials: Copper, knitted, cold-joined

Dimensions: L 19.05 cm x W 0.9 cm

Photographer's Name: Dianne Karg Baron

Conceptual Statement: A Bit of Trail Magic Occasionally, while hiking through the forest, I’ve come across a painted rock lovingly left on a tree trunk. What is the intention of the person who left it there? It reminds me of the ancient practice of leaving votive offerings to please the local gods and nature spirits. Or is it part of the modern practice of art abandonment, where the desire is just to leave a bit of “trail magic” with a gift that surprises and delights the next person who encounters it?

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