Dominique Brechault

Dominique Bréchault lives and works in Vancouver, BC. Born and raised in France, she moved to Canada after completing her university studies. She holds a Master’s Degree in Art History from the University of Poitiers, France, and is a graduate of both Emily Carr College of Art & Design and the Jewellery Art & Design programme at Vancouver Community College. She has maintained a studio as a goldsmith since 1992, and participated in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2013, she received the City of Vancouver Mayor’s Award for Craft & Design. Dominique is currently an instructor in the Jewellery Art & Design programme at VCC. Her work has been featured in exhibition catalogues and articles, as well as in Ornament and Object, by Anne Barros, and Patina, by Matthew Runfola.


Knuckle Bones

Date of Creation: October 17, 2019

List of Materials: Materials: sterling silver, nylon plastic

Dimensions: H = 2 cm, L = 9 cm, W = 5 cm

Photographer's Name: Dominique Brechault

Other Contributors: no other contributor

Conceptual Statement: As a mature artist and goldsmith, I find myself in a new place both physically and mentally. I’ve had a long relationship with jewellery making, and a few decades working at the bench have left its marks on my body. There are aches and pains that cannot be ignored. Adjustments have to be made, braces have to be worn; my body has been reshaped and battered. I am not battle-weary though. I am curious, intrigued, and grateful to be living and still working here and now, but I am rethinking my practice. The jewellery landscape has changed in the last 10-20 years with the introduction of new technologies that I have begun to explore happily. CAD opens up a lot of possibilities for designing, while 3D printing allows me to work with plastics and discover a whole new range of colours and textures. Using these digital processes in conjunction with traditional goldsmithing techniques can be challenging at times but it is helping me find my new place.

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