Dysphoric Mask

Andres Delgado


Artist Statement: As a visual artist, I am interested in exploring and creating different ways I can use jewelry, metalsmithing, fiber, and drawing techniques as a means of self-expression. The concepts I grapple with in my work deal with the personal interpretation of how I perceive and feel the world around myself. These interpretations include topics ranging from the liminality of my identity to my own coping mechanisms. Using the body as a gateway, I believe that the human form, implied or otherwise, offers a unique shared experience that can easily transfer my concepts to the viewer, even when the form may not be as recognizable. By dismantling, contorting, and even layering over the body, turning recognizable arrangements into abstracted forms, I aim to create a familiarity with what the viewer is experiencing while maintaining a visually captivating composition.

Materials: Copper, Fabric, Thread, Basswood, Onyx, Amethyst, Steel Piercings

Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 9

Educational Institution: University of Texas at El Paso

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