Eternity #01-#18

Eighteen (Yihan) Yuan

Artist Statement: I explore the intersections between memory, landscape, and intimacy through the mediums of jewelry and enameling. Jewelry serves as a reminder of home and the memories we carry with us. Through my work, I aim to map the emotional landscapes of the human experience and provide a tangible connection to the concept of belonging. inviting the wearer to connect with their inner selves and the world around them through the intimacy of jewelry.
Belonging is an elusive feeling, akin to describing a rock’s texture or a puzzle piece’s shape. Objects hold stories of their creation, ownership, and significance, evoking memories and emotions that connect us to places, times, or communities. From a bar of soap to jewelry, objects offer continuity and a sense of belonging, anchoring us in the world.

Materials: Enamel, Copper, Steel, Silver

Dimensions: Live Sizes

Educational Institution: Cranbrook Academy of Art

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