Faith Goldman

Faith (25) is currently a student at CCAD studying in the field of fine arts. She is a mixed media artist and enjoys switching medias frequently. Lately, she has found her peace in the jewelry field. She hopes to convey the beauty we can all find in the world, despite hardships that may cross our paths. Being a survivor of human trafficking and addiction (among other things), her work embodies what it means to overcome. Recently her focus has shifted to enjoying nature, and creating pieces that reflect her love for it. Finding herself calm and quiet when surrounded by the trees, she has become one with herself and her art, one deep breath at a time. She hopes to inspire others in the world and show them that they are not alone.



Date of Creation: February 20, 2023

List of Materials: Brass sheet, pink powder coat

Photographer's Name: Faith Goldman

Conceptual Statement: Thorns is a physical representation of the feelings I had at the time I was creating it. The leaves, connected by chain to the bracelet and ring, represent my resistance to make time for being alone in nature. Coming from a traumatic background, being alone anywhere is highly anxiety inducing. The thorns (pointy parts of the bracelet and ring) cause discomfort when wearing this piece. This accurately depicts my unease in society and the pain I have caused by trying to protect myself at all times.

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