Annelieke Landré

Photo credit: Rudy Visser

Kamperland, The Netherlands


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In 2016, I visited Iran. This was an extraordinary experience. What stayed with me the most is, on the one hand, the trust in fellow human beings of the people I met. The respect for each other’s property and the helpfulness. On the other hand, I also felt the fear caused by a very coercive regime with strict rules.
Shortly after my trip to Iran, I had a psychosis. I was constantly adapting myself to an image I thought I had to conform to.
The more you have to conform to standards that are not your own the further you get away from yourself. The series of face masks I made are about this process. The mask FAKE ID symbolises the suppression of your own self. That when you constantly have to adapt and cannot be yourself that this has serious consequences for your well-being.
Everyone should have the freedom to become, be and remain themselves without distinguishing between male or female.

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