Fall (ME)lanin

Khajornsak Nakpan

Photo credit: Khajornsak Napkin, PhD

Bangkok, Thailand

70 x 75 x 30 cm.

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Every human, regardless of their gender, is a part of nature. Our survival is tied to a biological diversity that cannot be separated. It is comparable to “women” who are part of biological diversity and have the power to protect, preserve, or even destroy it. The diverse differences of living things on Earth are necessary to support the interconnections and systems of life on Earth. They support and provide suitable environmental conditions, wealth, food, fuel, and other factors needed for our survival.

This body adornment design named “Falling (Me)lanin” by the use of soil to synthesise a biomaterial is based on practise-based research on the integrated cycle of soil, along with changes in its properties owing to Streptomyces (bacteria naturally present in the soil) and its use for bio-fibre and melanin production to create a biomaterial of bio-cellulose, with tones similar to those of the human skin.

An “Innovative fashion designer” who specialises in generating knowledge of the creative design theory of colours. Khajornsak Nakpan focuses on the aesthetics of conceptual art. He also pays attention to research methodology and process. His work, therefore, demonstrates different aesthetic dimensions through the lens of adaptive science.

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