Fan Collar

Jordan Scott

Artist Statement: My work is rooted in process and inspired by the natural environment. This body of work is an exploration of form and technique through an imagined mythology of the natural world. I am inspired by the beauty I see in the diverse ecosystems I have explored, and through my work I hope to convey that same sense of beauty and wonder to others.

The conceptual narrative of this work stems from my love of the ocean and the stories it might contain. Out of this interest I developed the narrative of a mythical ocean queen who is the preeminent authority over the ocean and its widely varied environments. Appointed by this queen are regional rulers that dwell in a specific marine environment. Each ruler has their own set of jewelry that represents their regional authority and leadership under the ruling queen.

Materials: copper, fine silver, steel, 24k gold leaf, jade, green onyx, goldstone, amethyst, garnet

Dimensions: 30 x 16.5 x 10 inches

Educational Institution: The University of North Texas

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