Fantastical Bloom 14 Teal and Yellow Blossom

Lisa Dienst-Thomas


Artist Statement: My Art Jewelry has always been about texture, metal and mixed media but Graduate School research and new knowledge have shifted my materials. My current work is created utilizing a computer aided modeling program called Rhino3D in addition to traditional metalsmithing techniques. Rhino enables me to design three-dimensional jewelry on my computer then have components or the complete piece printed through a combination of in-house printing and outsourcing. Rhino also allows me to utilize a laser system to cut and/or engrave acrylic. My current line is unique large scale Art Jewelry; titled Fantastical Blooms. They are necklaces and brooches inspired by flowers, sea flora and sea fauna. I create mainly in sterling silver enhanced by nylon and/or acrylic. This line is very colorful, dimensional and lightweight for their size.

Materials: Sterling silver, Acrylic and Nylon

Dimensions: 6.75″ x 6.50″ x 1.75″

Educational Institution: Northern Illinois University


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