Fight for Equality

Lisa Broughton

Phoenix, AZ, USA

2.2 x 0.89 x 0.85 inches

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I created this ‘Fight for Equality’ box ring in 2020 during the US presidential election. I was inspired by women’s suffrage in the US for women’s long fight for political equality.

Now I’m dedicating this ring to the courageous women fighting for equality, human rights, and against oppression in Iran.

Sterling silver cast boxing glove with a 22K gold equal sign on it.

I fell in love with creating jewelry and found my passion in 2019. Previously I taught children English in Taiwan and studied psychology at ASU. I love casting orchid flowers, creating handmade ancient style chains, and making fun jewelry with music boxes. I enjoy bringing joy and putting sparkles and smiles on people’s faces with my jewelry.

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