Johanna Typaldos


Artist Statement: I make work about dysfunctions in human relationships, specifically about intimate relationships between two people. I am interested in the subtleties of harmful behavior and hint at dysfunctions by using nature as a metaphor in examining human happenings. Sand is a versatile material. It references time, it is delicate enough to leave impressions when touched, and strong enough to carve formations out of stone. Sand grains are products of vast amounts of time, disintegrating for thousands and even millions of years. These particles travel through natural waterways and wind, constantly breaking down along the way. Just like sand, us humans break down, and we change the things we touch as we travel along our paths.

I use sand to talk about the permeability of boundaries in relationships, and what people will and will not allow through. The effects of mistreatment in relationships have repercussions that manifest in the form of real, physical change.

Materials: Acrylic, resin, brass, copper, sand, pebbles, shells, spray paint.

Dimensions: L2.9” x H2.9” x W1”

Educational Institution: New Mexico State University

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