Formation 3 – Detail

Lisa Geertsen


Artist Statement: I have chosen the visual language of clouds because they are relatable across time and culture. They connect us to the moment of the daydream and a feeling of groundlessness. The instant we allow our minds to be open, we become vulnerable. The drifting moments where our minds relax allow things to arise that we may or may not be ready to face. Consciously acknowledging these thoughts awakens an opportunity to be compassionate with ourselves, making this experience not about the clouds, but about the person experiencing the moment. During times of difficulty, I have turned to this sanctuary of the hammer and anvil to restore my inner balance as often as I have turned to nature for the same sense of peace. The focus required for the physicality of the work has become a form of meditation to me. While metal is often seen as a heavy form of permanence and stability, I am utilizing the challenge to relate the instability and impermanence of the cloud through this medium.

Materials: Aluminum, acrylic paint, LED lights, steel

Dimensions: As pictured, 6′ x 7′ x 12″

Educational Institution: Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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