Freedom Wing

Nikoo Monem

Photo credit: Nikoo Monem

Fort Collins, CO, USA

1 x 2 x 6 inches

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Women’s hair is considered as a symbol of honor and dignity in Iran, and cutting the hair is a symbolic gesture which has a root in local history and folklore. Among some Iranian ethnicities, cutting the hair is a mourning act to show a deep grief and loss. In Iran, women face undeniable cruelty and oppression, and #MahsaAmini ‘s brutal murder sparked an uprising against the regime’s villainy. Now women in Iran cut their hair to show that their fury is stronger than the power of oppressor, and many women all over the world displayed their solidarity by doing the same. During last 5 months, many Iranian women have been raped, beaten, shot, and killed by the Iran’s regime. My brooch is made of my own hair in memory of all the courageous women who fight for freedom and in the near future each of them will be a feather on the freedom bird’s wing.

It has been about 8 years since I got involved in the field of jewelry design in Iran after four years of going through my Mechanical Engineering degree. For me as an international artist, jewelry and art are ways to communicate my emotions through a new language that can speak more accurately than any language.

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