Gabrielle Zaballa

My name is Gabrielle Zaballa and I am a student at San Diego State University, majoring in Studio Arts and minoring in Business Administration. I was born in San Diego, California to gain an American citizenship, but raised in Quezon City, Philippines for around 10 years. When my family and I immigrated to the United States, I was shocked at the many cultural differences between the two countries, but was very grateful to be in a position where the lives of my family members could hold more opportunities. Most of my work is centered around the idea of death and rebirth, as in many ways this has been a recurring theme in my own life. I hope to gain a better understanding navigating life as we know it by exploring the ways that our conscious selves “die” and how we make the individual efforts to come alive again.


Space Case

Date of Creation: February 28, 2023

List of Materials: Paper, glue, tape

Photographer's Name: Alexa Callu

Other Contributors: Giovanna Nocera (photographer) Ashley Ordaniel (photographer)

Conceptual Statement: My piece was inspired by the large accessories that could be found on a high fashion runway. I wanted to create something that was futuristic, but that echoes something of past traditions. Because of this, I decided that the piece needed to be geometric in form, with the use of a very distinct color palette to give the forms a sharp and modern look. I ended up using black, white, and a Japanese patterned paper to make my forms, with laser cut shapes on them. I then folded the papers into pyramids and glued them onto each other to create a piece that could be worn on just about any part of the body. For the photo shoot, we chose to place the pieces on the shoulder, down one arm, and on one side of the head to make the figure look as if it is otherworldly. The concept of the shoot then facilitated a futuristic, space theme, with references to the movie “The Matrix”, to convey a figure that is bold and unafraid of being different.


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