Gilberto Seanez

I was born in El Paso, Tx in mid-June, 2000. Since I was born until I was 16 years old I was raised in the neighboring city of Ciudad Juarez. I have always been a curious kid, since elementary school I used to ask the whys and hows of everything, and because of that, I gained knowledge of diverse things. that later on helped with my artistic endeavors.
Around the age of 16 years old, I moved back to El Paso, Tx by myself. I finished high school and went to college thinking engineering will be my future. However, I realized I did not see myself making a living out of that, so I switched to graphic design and printmaking and later on metalsmithing.
My work is mainly political, I grew up in a very political charge environment, where the border had to be closed because of riots or the government was corrupt and still is and let innocent people die. My work tries to depict my personal experiences but also tries to relate to someone else story.


Our present, our future

Date of Creation: March 21, 2023

List of Materials: Sterling Silver, silver tubing, silver bezel wire, wood, 3mm faceted cubic zirconia, battery and computer capacitors

Dimensions: 2 inches X 1.5 inches X 0.5 inches

Photographer's Name: Gilberto Seanez

Model's Name: Marlia Galindo

Conceptual Statement: This jewelry piece is a representation of the society we live in. Where everything is computer, phone, or electronic-based. My use of computer parts is a way to demonstrate society's technology dependence. We have become addicted to our devices. I have incorporated three tube settings, two of wood and one of faceted cubic zirconia. My use of humble materials is representative of the hardworking, honest, and brave people who many times are the ones taken for granted. Our professors, bus drivers, janitors, and the people that do not contribute to our life in a direct way, are the ones we put in high places in our life.

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