Grace Wallstead

Grace Wallstead is a 3rd year Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design graduate student at Indiana University-Bloomington. She finds inspiration for her art practice by looking back at historical objects and architecture from the romantic and baroque periods. Utilizing a mix of traditional metals practices and unconventional materials, her pieces usually feature glass, gemstones, gold tones, and color. Grace is currently focused on dining objects and their importance to social structure throughout history. When Grace is not in the studio, she enjoys time with her two cats, Cherry Cake and Elmer.


Sugar Set

Date of Creation: May 2, 2023

List of Materials: Copper, enamel, cubic zirconia, pearls, glass, sterling silver, PLA, gold leaf

Dimensions: 7"x7"x7

Photographer's Name: Grace Wallstead

Model's Name: Grace Wallstead

Other Contributors: Renee Wallstead (vintage found object contributor/glass collector)

Conceptual Statement: Made to reflect the historical and societal value of sugar, this sugar set references baroque and rococo art objects. By gilding my 3D printed frames, I am modernizing the ornate gilded plaster-cast frames abundant in the baroque and rococo period. This sugar bowl and spoon set was made with the intention to heighten an everyday experience of preparing coffee or tea. We can get so caught up in the monotonous routine of everyday life that we don’t stop to appreciate the importance of dining. I have chosen to include vintage pink glassware that my mom collects to represent the importance of family dinners as a gathering time. I have treasured this time with my family more and more as I move further away from home and develop my own values and traditions. In making this piece I have reflected on my own habits of dining alone. The overabundance of objects with only one subject matter in the photo speaks on overconsumption and how many of us fill our loneliness with things.

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