Hana Foo

I grew up wanting to blend in and chasing after a sense of fullness. My work seeks to extend beyond fear and, instead, shows confidence through extravagance. My work often looks to combine my passions for fashion and antiques within my jewelry. Ancient pieces from my heritage are my primary inspiration, due to their deep history and intricacy. Main themes I reference include self acceptance, femininity, and leisure. Organic symbols allow me to create pieces that aim to evoke feelings of elegance and confidence.
Jewelry allows the wearer to tell stories, make statements, evoke emotion, and connect with others. I am studying Jewelry and Metalworking at SDSU, and will be graduating with my BA in Spring ’24. Born and raised in East LA, exploring different methods and cultures has always been an integral part of learning which extends into my craft career. I hope for my art to connect with and validate anyone who can find solace or peace through it.


Harmonious Infection

Date of Creation: February 18, 2023

List of Materials: Paper

Photographer's Name: Maxine Fair

Model's Name: Hana Foo

Other Contributors: George Peinado (Photographer, Editor)

Conceptual Statement: “Harmonious Infection” shows how something can be beautiful from a distance, but chaotic and vulnerable when more closely examined. The main inspiration behind the designs is tree cancer, which naturally creates intricate designs when infected. Because the reference is from nature, the laser cut textures look organic, but are juxtaposed with the raw white color and hand-made ruffles. Combining complicated organic design with something more man-made allowed the work to merge my interests with classic fashion elements and exploring natural forms. Additionally, the paper material makes gives the pieces an inherent sense of fragility, representing the disease.The work is composed of two sets of clips, meant to be joined together in various ways on the head to look parasitic. To create a synthetic contrast with the growth-like patterns, the color palette of the photoshoot is red and black, creating a classic, yet eerie, image of an editorial style.

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