Heavy Chain Necklace

Hye Jin Kim

Artist Statement: Through my works, I tried to show the social expectations towards women and women’s efforts to break away from them, such as demure, pretty, and sacrifice figures. I want to show how simple actions that seem insignificant can have a considerable effect when it repeated. Using common and invaluable materials such as felt.
My jewelry is usually composed of small units that form a cluster, which makes a small or loud sound depending on the movement. It represents women who reject the obedient and polite attitude required in the male-centered patriarchal order. This work was inspired by the sexist proverb, “When the cock crows, the family ruins.” Making a loud noise, according to the movement, represents the ‘crazy bitches’ who express their opinions by defying society’s expectations. I created pieces that give a feminist voice by using it inversely, as jewelry usually has the function of adorning women. I want my jewelry to be like a manifesto. “Cry, hen, the world will not perish.”

Materials: Wool felt

Dimensions: 13 X 1 X 30

Educational Institution: Pratt Institute

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