Heidi Kingman

Jewelry artist Heidi Kingman writes artistic metaphors of resilience, triumph, hope and joy in softly textured silver, punctuated with gold and luminous gems. Her use of simple form, motif and color evokes the familiarity of folk art. Heidi’s designs celebrate the human experience through adornment and are often accompanied by her own haiku and word play in a nod to her storytelling roots.


Venus of Cicatrix (Venus of the Well-Healed Scar)

Date of Creation: April 23, 2023

List of Materials: Hand-fabricated pendant and dog tag - Argentium Sterling Silver, 18k gold, 14k gold (on commercial sterling silver chain)

Dimensions: pendant 35mm L x 14mm W x 6mm D

Photographer's Name: Heidi Kingman

Model's Name: Heidi Kingman

Other Contributors: Heidi Kingman (stylist - hair and clothing)

Conceptual Statement: Venus of Cicatrix (Venus of the Well-healed Scar) I must tell my story with honest realness if I am to shine the way for others facing the unknown of an unlit path. Our stories are like lanterns in the darkness. Our femininity does not reside in our breasts or any other part of our physical being, despite the shorthand of society’s beauty ideals. Our power resides in our stories and our willingness to tell them. Yes, cancer leaves scars. No, I am not my scars. They are simply a footnote. My story? I am myself. Still.

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