Nikoo Monem


Artist Statement: “Embrace Your Brokenness” unfolds the symbolic narrative of my immigrant journey through a collection of works, capturing the intricate complexities of identity and resilience. The artworks delve into themes of connection, border blending, and the interplay between external presentation and internal reality within the context of my own life. The signature of this collection are the delicate rose pattern porcelain pieces which serve as reflections of my roots and connections to my homeland, evoking a profound sense of belonging and contributing to my self-portrait within this collection. The deliberate choice of stitches to secure the broken porcelain fragments not only holds them tightly but also aligns with a meditative healing practice. Rather than attempting to conceal or mend the fractures, each stitch is a testament to the acknowledgment and celebration of the brokenness as an integral and cherished facet of the new fragmented identity.

Materials: Brass, porcelain, thread

Dimensions: each badge 1 x 1 x 1

Educational Institution: Colorado State University

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