I did not want to hurt you


Photo credit: maestranza collective

Barcelona, Spain

18 x 1,18 x 1,18 inches

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this work is a questioning of this society capitalist, patriarchal, male chauvinist, heteronormative, clerical that reproduces multiple violence against women and dissidents daily.
i must admit that i always felt oblivious to that logic of violence and in some way to women, i assumed it was because i was gay, over time, i understand that i was male chauvinist, that i am part of this society that does not recognize women, and people from the lgbti collective (paradoxically) as equals, that we feel so comfortable in our position that this makes us reject the claims of equality made by feminist groups and woman in general

My artistic name is kiseno (Christian Harold Quiceno Bedoya), I am a jeweler, mechanic, cook and photographer, at the end of 2016 I returned to artistic jewelry which I use as a means of expression.

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