I feel your pain

Alice Biolo


Photo credit: Alice Biolo

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

3 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches

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My practices revolve around the exploration of how I perceive and experience physical and emotional pain and trauma in the past and my daily life through the creation of metal wearable pieces. ‘’I feel your pain’’ is a brooch created in solidarity to all the women affected from pain and trauma generated by patriarchal society and oppression around the world, particularly the Iranian. My focus is to initiate a conversation regarding the female experience globally, in areas and times of war and abuse, sharing my support and empathy to the ones affected, and awareness to the ones unaware. ”I feel your pain” is a representation of the physical and emotional pain, striking towards the viewer it became protection and a symbol of the strength women hold to achieve equality and freedom in a male dominated world. In the back hidden from the public, the world Pain is riveted, as a reminder of the pain women had to undergo in the past and present, and the necessity to fight for a better future.

Originally from Italy, I started my studies in silversmithing at Liceo Pietro Selvatico, Padova (Italy). After graduating in 2019, I moved to the UK where I applied to the Glasgow School of Art (GSA). I am currently in my last year in the Silversmithing and Jewellery Design department in GSA.

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