Meihchan Yuan


Artist Statement: I work mainly in contemporary and daily wearable jewelry. Most of the time I enjoy working on contemporary jewelry, but it takes a long time to simplify or transfer the meaning behind it. Previously, I have worked on food culture and ceramic forms, or Kintsugi. The food culture represents the common human emotion of homesickness and Kintsugi represents Zen philosophy; both are methods to heal my anxiety, and inform my work.
As an immigrant, I will be chasing shelter for my whole life. Homesickness will always be around me; this feeling raises my anxiety but jewelry has become a path to release these emotions. I am currently working on sentimental jewelry, with symbols representing the philosophy of life discovered through self-healing.

Materials: window glass, silver,18k gold tubing, blue sapphire, brass, steel wire, gold foil. Technique: tube setting, hand fabrication

Dimensions: 2.5x3x0.8

Educational Institution: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

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