Inside One’s Heart

Yuchen Ding


Artist Statement: Cloris Ding, a contemporary artist and jewelry maker with her East-Asian culture background, holds an MFA degree in J+M from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her works intricately explore the intersection of personal narratives and societal themes. Drawing inspiration from her relationship with her mother, Cloris crafts wearable pieces that honor and memorialize the multifaceted nature of women’s growth. Through the delicate embroidery of hair onto muslin, she challenges stereotypes and advocates for a deeper understanding of female power. Flowers,symbolizing life and respect in East-Asian cultures,feature prominently in one of her brooch series,inviting viewers to value the depth of women’s experiences. Cloris approaches discussions on female topics with empathy,positioning herself as a recorder and messenger of women’s stories. Her creations transcend traditional jewelry,serving as bridges between the tangible and intangible,fostering conversations that surpass artistic boundaries.

Materials: Silver, Muslin, Artist’s hair, Steel

Dimensions: 5.5 in, 5.5 in, 1.2 in

Educational Institution: Rhode Island School of Design


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