Is That You?

Paxton Juhlin



Artist Statement: Paxton’s work delves into the intricate web of human identity
as it intertwines with the environment of our lives.
Our identities are shaped by the landscapes we navigate,
the people in them, and the space that envelops us.
These elements are not mere backdrops to our lives;
they are active participants in our stories,
molding our experiences, beliefs, and connections.

Memory, fleeting and delicate,
is a poignant source of inspiration for this body of work.
Memories are like elusive apparitions,
slipping through the cracks,
leaving only traces and echoes of their existence.
These elusive fragments,
or silhouettes,
both define and challenge
our sense of self.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Sapphires

Dimensions: 5 x 24 x inches

Educational Institution: Montana State University

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