Jamie Kroeger

Jamie Kroeger worked in the environmental and avalanche science fields before committing to art in 2014. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design (Jewellery + Metals major, BFA with Distinction) in Calgary, Canada (2017) and was a student in the Jewellery and Silversmithing department at the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland (2015). Most recently (2019), she completed a Master of Fine Art in Medium and Material Based studies at the Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Oslo, Norway. She is currently faculty in the Jewellery + Metals department at the Alberta University of the Arts, while maintaining her own personal practice in Golden, British Columbia. Her jewellery artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.



Date of Creation: March 15, 2020

List of Materials: Walnut, steel, copper, enamel, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 5 x 40 x 28cm

Photographer's Name: Jamie Kroeger

Model's Name: not applicable

Other Contributors: not applicable

Conceptual Statement: As someone who spent the majority of their adult life working in the outdoors, I look at tools with the same reverence and sentimentality that most connect with jewellery and heirlooms. A yoke that holds buckets of water from each hook, is a common necessity in all backcountry locations that require moving water from the creek to the cabin. The polished wood of the neck brace reminds the wearer of all the people before that invested the time to collect water for a cup of tea or wash their face after a sweaty day of work. There is a cabin in Banff National Park that was historically inhabited by a colour- blind park warden, who couldn’t tell the difference between bubble gum pink and the government regulated “interior wall white”. Even if you expected it, entering that pink palace after enduring an eight-hour blizzard on horseback, could put an instant smile on any frozen face. Those comforts and tools that I know so well, will continue to connect me to the places and stories I love.



Date of Creation: 15/03/2020

List of Materials: Walnut, steel, copper, enamel, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 5 x 40 x 28cm

Photographer's Name: Jamie Kroeger

Model's Name: Kurt Devlin

Other Contributors: Brewster- stylist (horse that got hay all over models outfit)

Conceptual Statement: There is no better place to describe the sentimentality of object than in a tack shed, taking care of the stacks of equipment used to move a string of horses through mountainous terrain. This neckpiece has everything to do with well- loved and heavily used tools. It did not seem right to only photograph it in a pristine environment, as it did little to portray the narrative of the object in real life. The only model that seemed appropriate was one that would use this object and understand the significance of it. I chose to photograph it on my colleague (in his tack shed), to try and embed a little more of place and human use into this “tool turned jewellery”.



Date of Creation: 03/05/2019

List of Materials: Copper, enamel, steel, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 4.5 x 75 x 4.5cm

Photographer's Name: Jamie Kroeger

Model's Name: Jamie Kroeger

Other Contributors: Not applicable

Conceptual Statement: Inspired by the portraits of early explorers, I decided that this neckpiece should be photographed on myself, wearing clothing typical of contemporary outdoor activity. The selfie style portrait is indicative of the era; and perhaps introduces a narrative that discusses a changing relation to outdoor adventure and modern conveniences that we rely heavily on for safety and comfort in challenging outdoor situations.

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