Jashn-e-Azadi, celebrating victory

Amir Sheikhvand

Photo credit: Amir Sheikhvand

Toronto, Canada


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This brooch represents this joy and celebration, a reminder of what we Iranians have achieved as a nation and what we are capable of. It is also a reminder that there is still a long road ahead and that we must continue fighting for our freedom and rights. The brooch is made of a mix of materials and techniques, making it unique and special. The colours represent the diversity of Iranian culture, and the intricate details represent our strength and resilience. There will be a happy ending, The “Jashne Azadi” brooch symbolizes hope, optimism and unity. It represents our dreams and our determination to make them come true.

Born in Tehran, Amir Sheikhvand currently lives and works in Toronto. After completing his academic education in biology and graphic design, he went on to study jewellery and graduated from Tehran’s Gold Institute in 1994. Sheikhvand work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

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