Jessica LeAnne Smith

I am passionate about exploring the complexity of the human experience through my two and three-dimensional works. My practice centers around three key themes: the changing childhood experience within American culture, the divine feminine, and the deep dynamics of the inner child. I examine the layers of meaning underlying these themes through my compositions. I seek to explore the emotional and psychological landscapes of healing alongside the complex interplay between the mind, body, and spirit. I use various media and formats to create deeply personal and universally relatable works, including wearable and interactive objects, painting, and mark-making.



Date of Creation: May 9, 2023

List of Materials: Copper, brass, mirrors, glass marble, polymer clay, sterling silver, synthetic spinels

Dimensions: 4x4

Photographer's Name: Jessica Smith

Model's Name: Jessica LeAnne Smith

Other Contributors: William L Smith- fingerprints on petals Brayden C Smith- fingerprints on petals

Conceptual Statement: The brooch "Motherhood" captures the spirit of our times, particularly our fascination with magic and tokens of affection. I aim to explore items that hold special meaning for us, particularly regarding the importance of childhood, motherhood, and effective parenting in our current cultural climate. I am deeply concerned about the negative cultural behaviors that result from children not being properly guided through the human process. My creative practice serves as a poignant reminder of self-love's profound significance and healing's transformative power.

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