John Rose

John and Corliss Rose are American artists and partners in the Southern California design studio 2Roses. The studio produces one-of-a-kind and limited-edition adornment and objects d’ art and is well known for using a wide range of highly unorthodox materials. The studio output is eclectic by design and often blended with an irreverent sense of humor. 2Roses designs have been sold in 42 countries worldwide, published in over 40 books on jewelry design, and exhibited throughout the US, Europe, and China.

John and Corliss Rose have served on the board of directors and as advisors to many national and international arts organizations, including the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, and the International Polymer Clay Association. In addition, John is currently on the Board of Directors for the Art Jewelry Forum. Corliss currently serves on the Board of the IPCA.


Emu Egg Ring

Date of Creation: February 1, 2022

List of Materials: Emu egg, bronze, steel, artisan glass

Dimensions: 12 in H x 4 in L x 4 in W

Photographer's Name: Rico Mejia

Model's Name: patienxe

Other Contributors: Art Director: John Rose Digital Artist: John Rose

Conceptual Statement: Conceptual jewelry often provides unique presentation challenges. How the object is worn and its scale is chief among those. Here a surreal background creates a slightly unsettling environment for a relatively straightforward fashion image. Carefully staged lighting is used to focus attention on the jewelry object. In addition, color and tone have been modified to take a common fashion trope out of the realm of normal expectations.


Rainbow Mosaic Corlite Bracelet

Date of Creation: 16/08/2022

List of Materials: Corlite™, Brass

Dimensions: 3 in H x 3 in W x 1.5 in W

Photographer's Name: John Rose

Other Contributors: Digital Artist: John Rose

Conceptual Statement: We have created many images juxtaposing jewelry objects with animals. Amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles have all served to create a narrative for our jewelry. This image intends to push beyond simple animal interaction with adornment. By employing familiar mythological and iconic creatures that have their own story, we seek to create a new and visually arresting context for our jewelry. Impossible, improbable, and unexpected are the driving concepts. This image is a composite of seven separate photos and digital paintings


Feed Me Brooch

Date of Creation: 10/11/2022

List of Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel, Encaustic Pigment, Gold leaf

Dimensions: 4 in H x 2 in L x .375 in W

Photographer's Name: John Rose

Model's Name: Corliss Rose

Conceptual Statement: This whimsical series of brooches is based on the infamously carnivorous plant, Audrey, from "Little Shop of Horrors." Depicting Audrey playfully nipping at a finger was a simple and direct way to reinforce the connection with the character. Additionally, the minimalist presentation was used to maximize focus on the human/brooch interaction.

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