Julian De La Garza

Julian De La Garza is a jewelry artist who finds inspiration in the occult and myths. His work is infused with intention and power, drawing from his belief in the parallel between art and magick. Julian explores the concept that intent makes a piece or spell more powerful, and he incorporates this idea into all of his jewelry designs. Using bronze, sterling silver, and gold, Julian creates modern jewelry with a darkened aesthetic that caters to both men and women. His designs are crafted using a range of fabrication methods, including 3D printing and casting. Each piece is unique and imbued with intention, making it a talisman with its own meaning and power.


War - Apocalypse Series

Date of Creation: December 31, 2022

List of Materials: Sterling silver, 18k gold, carved bone, garnet, 23k gold leaf

Dimensions: 1.5"x1.5"x1.5"

Photographer's Name: Theodore De La Garza

Model's Name: Julian De La Garza

Conceptual Statement: My ring design draws inspiration from the ominous imagery of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, crafted from sterling silver with a hooded skeletal figure carved from bone set into the front. The figure grasps an 18k gold sword, imbuing the piece with a commanding presence. Blood red garnets accentuate the ring's striking aesthetic, evoking a sense of danger and intensity. This unique creation serves as a powerful and thought-provoking reminder of the potential perils that lay ahead, and the strength and bravery required to confront them.



Date of Creation: 01/03/2023

List of Materials: Sterling silver, carved whitby jet, victorian beads

Dimensions: Pendant measures 4"x2"x.5", Necklace is 40" long

Photographer's Name: Theodore De La Garza

Model's Name: Julian De La Garza

Conceptual Statement: This pendant is called Dagger, a haunting talisman crafted from sterling silver, veiled in mystique. Its centerpiece, a shape akin to a knife, but also like a cross, exudes concealed power and clandestine purpose, bearing a Whitby jet relic. The necklace's delicate links resemble ancient prayer tools like a rosary or Mala beads. This piece transcends adornment, inviting wearers to traverse the precipice between light and darkness through meditation, becoming an embodiment of power and enlightenment.



Date of Creation: 02/03/2023

List of Materials: 3D printed plastic, garnet beads, garnet cabochons, stelring silver

Dimensions: Pendant measures 7"x2"x.5", Necklace is 24" long

Photographer's Name: Theodore De La Garza

Model's Name: Julian De La Garza

Conceptual Statement: The "Sword" necklace is a striking and enigmatic piece that emanates a brooding aura. Its form melds a large cross with a sword, creating a captivating fusion of symbols that is both compelling and elusive. The piece's mysterious nature encourages the observer to ponder its true essence. The necklace itself comprises garnet beads arranged in a pattern reminiscent of mala or rosary beads. The deep, blood-red hue of the garnet beads provides a bold contrast to the necklace's ethereal appearance. Additionally, the necklace's design makes it a versatile accessory suitable for meditation or prayer.

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