Karen Rios Enriquez

I, Karen Rios Enriquez, am a 22-year-old el paso, Texas, artist. After high school, I enrolled in the fine art program at the local University of Texas at El Paso. I aim to create thought-provoking pieces that inspire others to confront their fears and discomforts and embrace the messy, complicated, and beautiful world around us.



Date of Creation: March 18, 2023

List of Materials: Resin, Hair, Fake Blood, Knitting Needles, Pepper Spray, Taser, on Brass and Nickle

Dimensions: 20” x 5” x .5”

Photographer's Name: Karen Rios-Enriquez

Model's Name: Natalia Rodarte

Conceptual Statement: Drawing from my experience of being attacked for rejecting a man, I have created a wearable object that doubles as protection. Inspired by historical women’s accessories and keychains, I imagine a woman wearing this chatelaine and decorating it with things she likes and finds comfort in, as well as trophies taken from her attackers. I created a large-scale sculptural piece to emphasize the great fear women carry around every day and the significant daily precautions we take to stay alive.

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