Katherine Hubble

Katherine Hubble is an Australian artist who in 2022 completed her MFA by research at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where she also completed her BA (Honours) in 2017. Her graduate pieces were selected for the 2017 and 2022 Marzee International Graduate Show. In 2022 Hubble won the National Contemporary Jewellery Award at Griffith regional gallery New South Wales. Hubble has exhibited throughout Australia, the Netherlands, China, Munich, and Italy.


Iridescent Parasite

Date of Creation: September 19, 2019

List of Materials: polypropylene, vinyl, freshwater pearls, nylon thread.

Dimensions: 350 x 300 x 40mm

Photographer's Name: Katherine Hubble

Model's Name: n/a

Other Contributors: n/a

Conceptual Statement: Iridescent Parasite explores the growth of nacre (mother of pearl) and its iridescent optics. The iridescent quality of the vinyl that I have used within this work recreates the lustre of nacre in a synthetic plastic material. The iridescence of pearl shell, when viewed from the side, is not visible and the surface appears dull; when viewed from the top, the light reflects off the surface and creates the shimmering rainbow iridescence of nacre. The materials are used to mimic this natural phenomenon of light and colour. It is not until the work is held within the hands and moved within the light that its luminous optics are revealed. Each iridescent section is unique because of the process of cutting by hand, simulating the unique quality of a pearl. The shape comes from a tiny parasite that invades a pearl shell and becomes trapped within the mollusc and covered with nacre creating a natural pearl.


Juvenile Byssus

Date of Creation: 19/09/2019

List of Materials: polypropylene, vinyl, freshwater pearls and sterling silver.

Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 50mm

Photographer's Name: Katherine Hubble

Model's Name: n/a

Other Contributors: n/a

Conceptual Statement: Juvenile Byssus is a reimagining of the traditional archetype of a pearl necklace. This piece employs the combination of coloured plastic materials with the industrial process of vacuum forming. Frosted polypropylene and colourful iridescent vinyl materials are employed for their visual qualities of translucent, luminous, and fluorescent effects. Their iridescent optics represent the connection to nacre (mother of pearl). The replicated plastic shells are half-open to semi-closed, with transparent and iridescent material qualities. They are synthetic, man-made copies of the magical qualities of seashells.

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