Kento Saisho

Kento Saisho (he/him) is an artist and metalworker currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He makes vigorously textured and tactile sculptural objects, vessels, and contemporary artifacts in steel that utilize and push the material’s potential for transformation. Born and raised in Salinas, CA, he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2016, where he was a Windgate-Lamar Fellowship recipient from the Center for Craft in Asheville, NC. Following this, he completed the Core Fellowship at the Penland School of Craft from 2018-2020. He was also a recipient of the inaugural Emerging Artist Cohort from the American Craft Council (ACC) in 2021 and the 2022 Career Advancement Grant from the Center for Craft. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and is currently represented by Citron Gallery in Asheville, NC.


Still Life with Baskets

Date of Creation: July 1, 2019

List of Materials: Wet Plate Collodion Print

Dimensions: 4"x5"

Photographer's Name: Kento Saisho

Conceptual Statement: Working primarily with metal, I create objects, vessels, and contemporary artifacts. This photograph is a wet-plate collodion print that captures metal objects that I made with various techniques: cast bronze, fabricated steel, fabricated brass, and an array of other objects, drawings, photographs and prints found in my studio. This photographic process came about both as a record of the objects and space themselves, but also as a way of processing and thinking about the inner life of these objects. Through my work, I want to ask: how can an object and material accumulate and reflect its history? I view this piece and this series as a self portrait and a portrait of my studio practice and an open ended inquiry into how our lives are reflected by the objects we live with and accumulate.

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