Laila Marie Costa

Costa’s working process is based on collecting the waste and refuse of consumer culture and allowing the materials to infer the form. The debris is sorted and arranged by various time tested and obsessive methodologies. She across jewellery, assemblage, performance and sound. Her creations are informed by her heritage, domesticity, feminism, environmental issues, art history, materiality and humour. The nebulous spaces between fine art, craft and design are the areas of that intrigue and inspire the bulk of her investigations.

In 2021 she relocated to Hasselt, Belgium, from Naarm/Melbourne, Australia and commenced a Master of Jewellery MASieraad at PXL_MAD. Costa has exhibited locally and internationally, predominantly in artist run initiatives and museums, notably selected for Schmuck, Munich, in 2019 and recently exhibited at Nelson Jewellery Week (Aotearoa/New Zealand) in May 2023 as part of Contained/Uncontained with the Handshake Project and Dialogue Collective.


Portrait with Fried Eggs

Date of Creation: August 1, 2021

List of Materials: Sterling silver, cardboard, acrylic paint, ping pong ball, clear plastic film, cotton thread, eyelet & base metal fitting.

Dimensions: 12 (h) x 8 (l) x 3 (w) cm

Photographer's Name: Michael McManus

Model's Name: Laila Marie Costa

Other Contributors: Laila Marie Costa - art director, stylist, hair & make up.

Conceptual Statement: Eggs symbolise, to the universal somatic norm, new life, hope, purity, fertility, the cycle of life, luck, wealth, creation of the universe, resurrection, rejuvenation, and eternity. These are predominantly related to patriarchal religions and, as a recovering Roman catholic, do not speak to me with their optimistic and questionable narratives. Fried eggs, however, do resonate with me. The Fried Egg brooches (from the How Many Eggs Do I Have Left? Series) explore the notion of female biology, reproductive cycles, and hormonal inconsistencies. ‘How many eggs do I have left?’ is a question that I now ponder given my perimenopausal status. Only Nature knows the answer so the party cannot be planned. It’s a six of one, half a dozen of the other kind of a conundrum. Of not counting the chickens… The brooches also pay homage to English artist, Sarah Lucas’s Portrait with Fried Eggs, 1996.

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