Laurel Fulton

Laurel Fulton was born and raised on the front range of Colorado with a creative mother and a scientifically minded father. She received her BA from the University of Northern Colorado in 2011 and for the following four years taught high school drawing and painting in the Denver metro area. She was then awarded the AiR position at Pocosin School of Fine Crafts in 2016 off the coast of North Carolina where she taught locally and focused on her studio practice. Laurel received her MFA in Jewelry and Metals from the University of Georgia in 2020. Following her graduate studies she worked as both the Zoom Workshop Coordinator and Deputy Director for Pocosin School of Fine Craft. She is currently the Visiting Professor at Grand Valley State University in West Michigan where she teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced jewelry and metalsmithing as well as 3D foundations.


And When I Touched You I Couldn't Feel a Thing

Date of Creation: August 3, 2011

List of Materials: Cast Sterling Silver

Dimensions: Slight variation from form to form (1" x 1' x 1")

Photographer's Name: Laurel Fulton

Model's Name: Laurel Fulton

Conceptual Statement: My work is based around ideas of human connection, tools or apparatuses, and love. We connect and communicate through our bodily senses, reaching out to one another through sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Through our interpersonal interactions we seek to relate our ideas, beliefs, questions, and identity to other people. What communicate is interpreted by another in a multitude of ways which makes it inherently faulty. This break down of communication from one person to the other leaves a metaphorical gap between us.


Nourish Me

Date of Creation: 03/11/2022

List of Materials: Copper, Brass and nickel

Dimensions: When arranged together: (18" x 18" x 18")

Photographer's Name: Laurel Fulton

Model's Name: Laurel Fulton

Other Contributors: Side note: The images of the spoons are meant to be in a sequence together. However if the piece is chosen I can send separate images.

Conceptual Statement: Spoons, benign and domestic, are used in every culture throughout the world. They are used for the giving and taking of nourishment, measuring, and conveying one substance from here to there. Their form following their function. In this case the spoon (or the tool) is used as an intermediary between humans and as a metaphor for connection and communication. Each spoon representing a personal relationship I have with another person. Some are giving spoons, some are taking spoons and some are more functional than others.

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