Lids Triptych

Naomi Chicoine

Artist Statement: My work examines the connections between objects and memory, and the importance of the mundane and everyday thing. The works bring preciousness to childhood treasures that are otherwise overlooked; nails, bottle caps, soda cans, and animal bones.

I use my own collection habits as reference and examine the items saved during my childhood in the semi-isolation of the midwest wilderness and farmlands. The works were created to reflect the items I would find in ditches along country roads, where people would discard all manner of things. The otherworldly representations appraise the value of objects and their ability to encapsulate the memories of childhood, and with their patterned surface they take an intentional step away from reality to become the embodiments of the remembered objects.

Materials: Copper, nickel, brass

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 5 inches

Educational Institution: San Diego State University

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