Lila Zeichner

My name is Lila Zeichner; I am a Jewelry student at SDSU. I started developing my jewelry skillset while pursuing my AAS in apparel design in Seattle where I am from. Using my varied skillset I hope to combine textiles and metalsmithing techniques in my creative work. In both textiles and metals, I am fascinated with intricate technical processes, and I am drawn to the fine details. My grandmother taught me how to sew and my father is an artist. The lessons they taught and the support they gave me shaped who I am as an artist and helped me get to where I am now.


Tiara of the Swamp

Date of Creation: May 3, 2023

List of Materials: Water color paper, cardstock, Glitter paint, poylyester thread

Dimensions: 5x24x8

Photographer's Name: Romina Hilbert

Model's Name: Gabrielle Houser

Other Contributors: Shirt; designed and constructed by me

Conceptual Statement: When looking for inspiration, I was drawn to images of moss on trees which reminds me of playing in the woods as a kid. I chose to make the piece a crown because I felt it created a sense that the moss was living on the body, the way it does on trees. I used hard watercolor paper and cardstock to make the piece feel sturdy like metal. I then painted the watercolor paper to resemble moss and painted the band brown with a glitter topcoat. The strings are surging threads (a remnant from a particular sewing machine) that I attached, scrunched, and wove together in different ways. As the crown evolved and became grungier, I thought of Shrek. I decided it needed to be featured in a dirty, grimy, swamp-like place—the bathroom felt like an obvious choice. We used green light to make it feel alien and transport the viewer out of a normal bathroom. I had the model pose as though she lived in that bathroom stall; in fact she was the queen of it.


Other Contributors: Same info as submission 1


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