Lillian Frazer

“Lillian Frazer is currently pursuing a BFA in Metalsmithing + Jewelry Design at Indiana University with a minor in Chemistry. Her background in Neuroscience, Pre-Medicine, Sculpture as well as Performance Art feed into a practice of creating unique, wearable pieces that embody her passion for storytelling. Frazer’s work is often inspired by the human form, highlighting and abstracting the body, through a wide exploration of materials and processes.”


Growth of Defense

Date of Creation: May 2, 2023

List of Materials: Copper, Brass, Glass Jewels, Blue Gold Stone, Shells

Dimensions: 4'x5"x6"

Photographer's Name: Myah Sandlin

Model's Name: Lillian Frazer

Other Contributors: Myahs Artist Statement: Myah Sandlin is a rising professional in the field of photography, whose passion lies in capturing moments that tell stories through multiple perspectives. With a diverse background in agriculture, traveling, and multimedia collaging, Myah's artistic vision is enriched by a multidisciplinary approach. Drawing inspiration from abstraction, urban landscapes, and graffiti, Myah skillfully crafts captivating compositions that invite viewers into a new world of aesthetics.

Conceptual Statement: With every experience one has in life, there is growth. Growth manifests in many ways, and sometimes exists to shield the self from the world. This piece serves as the isolation of where humanity holds physical experience, the central nervous system.

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