Lion and Sun

Pasha Moezzi

Photo credit: Pasha Moezzi

Toronto, Canada

3 cm x 1.5 cm x 5 cm

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The lion and sun (Sheer o Khorsheed) has been a strong persian emblem for centuries , containing many hidden meanings, messages and symbolism, until the 1975 Islamic revolution. It was then replaced with the word ” Allah”, a beautiful word but not of Farsi origins which is the country’s official language.

As a child I always thought why would a nation put a foreign word on their flag? Now as an adult I know “that nation” is being held captive. One which has very little say and has to perform a lot of things against their will and I believe it all started with the removal of the emblem. Here is my version of the lion and sun stripped from its glory and power.

Pasha Moezzi is an international material artist residing in Toronto. Intimately working with materials—more specifically with metal—Pasha developed his skills at his father’s long-running furniture studio in Tehran. He is currently working out of his home studio in Toronto and also teaches at George Brown College Jewellery program.

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