livid violets


Tehran, Iran

25.15.16 cm

The project “livid Violets” began at the same time as the recent events in Iran and dealt with the concept of women and life.
This project is about the experience of pain and suffering. The figures that have penetrated us not only through the body, but also through the soul and spirit, and whose effects remain in our body and mind for a long time. Wounds so deep that they are made in the form of embroidery with beautiful stones and become a part of our body. Our wounds are like jewels that we put on ourselves, that not only make us more beautiful, but also make us grow. But their place remains like a beautiful but painful pattern in our soul and mind.

This project is my first experience with wearable jewelry. I tried to get in touch with the world around me and connect my feeling and understanding of the outside world with my inner world. I am a part of the work and the artwork is a part of me. Two inseparable parts.

Born in 1984, 2007 BA of Sculpture from Fine Art, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran Participation in 4 solo exhibition and 33 group exhibition in Iran and Paris, Kuwait, ... As a woman who was burned and grew up in Iran, the main theme in my works is about women and their social identity and position in traditional societies.

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