Makeup Screens (Emma in series)

Alyse-Ambriel Hanna


Artist Statement: My work is centered around the cosmetic industry as a complex force that is frequently oppressive to female-presenting people. My artwork is informed by the feminist art movement established by second-wave feminists in the 1960s, and my aim as an artist is to continue pushing and pursuing these conversations into the 21st century with fourth-wave feminist art. I am interested in the various facets of the beauty industry, including the contemporary functions of makeup within Western industrialized society, cosmetic facial modification, and gender expectations concerning beauty and glamour. I interpret various repercussions of beauty standards that mainstream media and cosmetic corporations have established and investigate how the patriarchy influences the expectation of the female form.

Materials: Copper, powder coat, photo light gel

Dimensions: 4.5” x 7” x 4”

Educational Institution: Boise State University


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