Maria Gaspar

Fernanda Gaspar is in her fourth year of Undergraduate studies at San Diego State University. Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico she grew up around crafty women. As soon as she was able to embrace her motor skills she soon began to explore all sort of mediums available to her. Her grandma was the biggest source of inspiration because she was always busy with a project. Now Fern is 21 years old and finds a calling specifically in Jewelry and metals with the opportunity to create a name in the industry both in craft and in business. She enjoys that her work ensembles symmetry and unity because of her admiration of patterns in nature. She is passionate about the art community and creating more opportunities for other artists as well and her business background allows for that. She works at a local San Diego Personalized Jewelry brand doing assembly work.



Date of Creation: March 20, 2023

List of Materials: Cotton fabric, yarn, paper, brass findings

Dimensions: 40in x 10in x 1 in

Photographer's Name: Pricilla Camacho

Model's Name: Fernanda Gaspar

Other Contributors: Pricilla Camacho and Beto Gomez took and edited photographs

Conceptual Statement: Bandanas are often used as a symbol of rebellion and a way to hide identity. ‘Desaparecidos’ is used as a way to embrace these meanings in the movement but by shifting it to the back of the body I challenge the meaning and hope it can be worn as a way to protect the wearers back while they hold the initials of those that have gone missing and the Mexican Government fails to get justice for. My main inspiration was the embroidered work Mexican citizens make in clothes with the names of their missing loved ones and are used for searches and hanging around busy areas to draw attention to the injustices. I selected to use fabric and paper in order to make it comfortable to be used in a public protest and eliminate the hassle of carrying something heavy, that is why in my photoshoot I wanted to juxtapose the idea of the piece being made to be worn outdoors and show the intimate feeling one might feel when wearing this piece. I wanted to show the pain and loneliness the individuals affected

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