Maria Glezelli

“I have always been fascinated by opposing forces and particularly by the challenging dialogue between fragility and strength. This duality is what I’m trying to encapsulate in my work; the delicate feminine nature into a durable personal adornment.”

The brand Maria Glezelli was born out of my desire to design and make contemporary, lightweight pieces of jewellery that would combine wearability with visual beauty. Each piece is entirely crafted by hand out of sterling silver wire, without the use of any machinery, using a traditional Greek knitting technique that has been passed down in my family through the generations. A precious gold plating ensures robustness and durability, still keeping the delicacy of the shapes.

My approach to my art through jewellery design pays homage to both ancient and modern narratives and Greek and Roman history and it is additionally fueled by the diverse experiences that I encounter in daily life.


In a time capsule

Date of Creation: March 12, 2020

List of Materials: Stainless steel wire and chain.

Dimensions: 20x8x6 cm

Photographer's Name: Riccardo Tognaccini

Model's Name: Karolina Nowak

Conceptual Statement: Beautiful and breathless, unconventional armours that have the ability to convey an emotion, to disguise and empower and ultimately reinforce the identity of the woman. Imbuing her with power, the body ‘’shields’’ prevail now like a thousand years ago, representing a protective separation between her and the outside world.


Goddess Artemis

Date of Creation: 01/04/2020

List of Materials: Sterling silver 925 wire, citrine stone

Dimensions: 9" x 11.8" x 0"

Photographer's Name: Riccardo Tognaccini

Conceptual Statement: "In the shadows of mountains and in the wind on mountain-tops She loves to take her bow Her bow made all of silver And shoot off her shafts of woe. The peaks of great mountains tremble The forest in its darkness screams The whole earth starts shaking even the sea, the sea-life And when she has hung up this unstrung bow, When she has put away her arrows, She puts on over her flesh a beautiful dress Then she begins the dances".


Hera's Necklace

Date of Creation: 01/06/2020

List of Materials: Sterling silver wire, gold and black rhodium plating, quartz stone.

Photographer's Name: Riccardo Tognaccini

Conceptual Statement: This peacock feather- like necklace, Hera's diadem, which symbolizes beauty, binds and holds together the thunderbolts of Zeus, the first and most imposing figure of the Olympian Gods, also husband of Hera. The one-of-a-kind necklace embodies the poetic shape of a peacock feather, showcasing its delicate nature, suppleness and lightness while emanates modernity with regal finesse. An ode to femininity, the piece is transformed into a daring statement as the celestial thunderbolts accentuate her fearless nature. Crafted in sterling silver 925, the thunderbolts are finished in 18 carat yellow gold and attached with feathers in black rhodium plating. The necklace is connected to chains with a clasp in the end that closes to the top of the thunderbolt. Τhe edge of the last one completes a transparent quartz drop faceted cut.

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